Monday, September 10, 2007

East Liberty Farmer's Market

The bounty of the harvest is stunningly on display at the East Liberty Farmer's Market every Monday from 3:30 to 7:00. The listing of vendors on that site is not totally accurate.

This is the farmer's market on Penn Circle (near the McDonald's. . . not that I've ever been there) just west of Highland. Not the one next to Home Depot (which is much different, and smaller and open Saturdays year round). I think of it as Ground Zero for eating locally. I go there every week. You can get everything you need right there. Every type of produce under then sun. Organic. Conventional. Prepared foods. Meat. Cheese. Eggs. Milk (Turner Dairy). Bread. Cider. Baked Goods, etc., etc. Plenty of parking. Plenty of nice people.

There are several big produce vendors. My favorites are Harvest Valley Farms, the Joseph King Farm, Schramm's, Bluebird Organic, and Paul's Orchard. I also visit Rose Ridge for beef and pork, Farmstead Fresh Cheese, Sand Hill Berries and Cinco de Mayo Salsas. And there are several more as well that I am forgetting.
I have often needed the services of the slush vendor as well. It helps me get through the market with three small children somehow.
If you haven't been, you must go! More specifics about what's good where will come in future blogs.

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