Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fredonia Grapes

I am new to Pittsburgh, so I was quite surprised to see grapes for offer at the East Liberty Farmer's Market this week. The variety pictured here is Fredonia. These were all that were left at the Schramm's Market Stand for $2.50 a pint. I tried one and immediately ponied up the big bucks. It tasted like grape candy. So sweet. Now I understand why grape flavored popsicles taste the way they do. These grapes do have seeds, so the mechanics of eating them are a little tricky.
I also purchased some Concord Grapes from the King Farm which are slightly less sweet (one of the three fruits indigenous to the U.S. from my home state of Massachusetts). Here's a history of that one (I can't find one for Fredonia). http://www.concordgrape.org/bodyhistory.html
They seem to be a good option for making jam or jelly -- something I have never done but am eager to try. "Pick your own" options seem to all be in Erie county. In the meantime we will eat them as is.

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