Saturday, October 6, 2007

Oh Yeah!

It wasn't really a typical fall turnip and apple casserole kind of a day. It was more like a salad and grilled summer vegetables kind of day. And, since it was 85 degrees, it was a great day for ice cream!

We took the family to the new ice cream parlor on Highland Avenue in Shadyside, "Oh Yeah!" They proudly proclaim their support of local sources, like the bricks on the patio from demolished buildings in Homewood, the locally roasted fair trade coffee, and the locally made ice cream from pastured Ohio Amish cows. They carry both Dave and Andy's (the best ice cream by far in Pittsburgh in my opinion) and Woo City (from the aformentioned Amish cows). They also have one hundred or so mix ins.

My husband had Woo City "5-star chocolate" with Peppermint Patties (his favorite add-in, next to Junior Mints, and the only place around that has that combination). I had the honey, apple, cinnamon granola (from Dave and Andy's). The kids had birthday cake and blueberry cheesecake from Dave and Andy's.

My only complaint is the price. One scoop (for grown ups or kids) was $2.75. That adds up with a family of five. As a New Englander and a self-proclaimed ice cream connoisseur, it's nice to have another good ice cream option (besides Dave and Andy's in Oakland, that is). Though we live 1/2 a mile from 4 chain ice cream shops, Oh Yeah, though it is a little further away, is worth the trip for me.


sheryl said...

I am so pleased to live in walking distance of this place! It's certainly not going to be a daily (or even weekly) indulgence, but I loved the space, the incredibly enthusiastic counter guys, and my Samurai ice cream (5 star chocolate with habanero powder and spiced pecans.) Yum!

Jessica said...

Oh, I just read this and see you are a New Englander, so you may already know about some of these organizations. Sorry if I just sent you a bunch of links that are no news to you. By the way, the ice cream sounds great. I will hit it up when I am in the city again.