Monday, January 7, 2008

Heilman's Hogwash Farm

A little announcement for those intersted in locally raised, pastured pork. . . Although I am no expert, I imagine that these pigs are probably MRSA free (if you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a link to an article from The Economist

So, to avoid infections from Superbugs (I am making some real logical leaps, here), you should support small scale, local and pastured meat sellers. Here's one!

I got this e-mail yesterday from Karen and family at Heilman's Hogwash Farm. These are the folks who were often at the Saturday Farmer's at Firehouse Market. They will be setting up a stand in areas around the city where you may pick up orders. Here is what they sent:

"We will be offering our usual assortment of pastured pork:

ham slices
1/2 ham
pork chops (sold 2 / package)
shoulder roast (Boston Butt)
pork steaks (the top cut off of the shoulder)
salt and pepper ground sausage
unseasoned ground pork
spare ribs

Our plan is to let you know when we will be in your area if you would like to place an order with us. I will be stationed in different places around the city for an hour at a time. We would ask that you pick up your order then."

We ate their bacon for much of the summer and it was great. If you're interested, e-mail them at


Anonymous said...


I think the yellow turnip referred to for recipe in your Dec 5 blog is what is actually called a Rutabaga.

I believe I've seen it defined as that somewhere


Anonymous said...


I think what is called a "yellow turnip" in the Dec 5 recipe is actually a Rutabaga.

I believe I've seen it defined as a turnip at one time. It looks like one except for the color.