Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spring Greens

Today was my first trip to a farm stand in 2016. It's about time! I visited the Sturges Orchards and Farm Market in the Strip District. Sadly the Pittsburgh Public Market closed. Now the former vendors are scattered about. It took me a few minutes to find Mr. Sturges. His stand is now located on 18th Street between Smallman and Penn. I was lured there by the promise of asparagus, but I was too late for it. He had fifteen bunches and they sold out long before I got there around 10:30. He had plenty of varieties of apples, hard cider, and bags of lettuce and kale. Today, I bought a bag of each of the greens. They came with an extra little treat, edible flowers.
It's kind of like when you stay at a luxury hotel and they leave mints on your pillows. You don't need them, but they sure make your stay that much better. Well, I've heard that's what happens. In other words, the greens would have been enough! The flowers demonstrate the kind of extra special addition that the folks at Sturges always include. I already ate about half of the kale. It was fantastic. Mr. Sturges said that they will continue to be a presence at the Shady Side Academy Farmer's Market on Wednesdays. On Saturdays they will set up at the Bloomfield Farmer's Market, the Cranberry Farmers' Market, the spot in the Strip district, and also possibly the new Shadyside Farmer's Market as well!

In other news, I have started an Instagram account @eatinglocalinpgh and Twitter account @eatinglocalpgh. Please come visit and follow!

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