Monday, May 9, 2016

East Liberty Farmers Market Opened Today

It was opening day for the East Liberty Farmers Market today at Station Street and North Euclid. This has become my favorite farmers market in Pittsburgh, although I confess, I definitely have not been to even half of the farmers markets in the area. There are so many! We are very lucky here in Western Pennsylvania to live close to so much agriculture. 

First I stopped by the Bluebird Organic Farm stand. I always get eggs here if I can. They are $5.00 a dozen and consistently rich with bright orange yolks. He had lots of different kinds of lettuce, plus carrots, rhubarb, purple asparagus, kale, and more. He said he's been growing in a high tunnel and has had a lot of produce so far this year.

 Next I visited the Harvest Valley Farms stand. I got their CSA for nine years and always stop by this stand at the farmers market if I can. If you sign up, you can become a farm fan, which means getting a text with what items are at the market and a discount on a certain product if you check in there. I picked up two bunches of asparagus (for $6.00), scallions, and pea shoots. He had lots of annuals, seedlings, and pretty pots filled with a mixture of flowers. There were also so many vegetables! Beets, tomatoes, leeks, spring mix, arugula, rhubarb, and probably more that I am forgetting.

After that, I stopped by Mill Creek Trout Farm. She had coolers full of protein in the form of trout (fresh, smoked, and frozen) as well as grass fed beef, goat, and pork products. Trout is their specialty and they will have it all summer long, each Monday at East Liberty Farmers Market. They had yellow, rainbow, and one other kind of trout in various cuts. The other products were from various members of her family. I picked up some frozen Italian sausage, one pound for $8.00 and hope to get trout another time.

Woolf Farms was there with apples, apple cider, and very tall and thin asparagus. Schramm's and Sand Hill Berries held down their usual spots, as did Who Cooks for You Farm (with lots of seedlings available). Plenty of prepared foods populated the parking lot: Fresh City Pasta (with lots of flavors or pasta and ravioli), Cinco de Mayo Salsas, and many more. I stopped by Family Farm Creameries to pick up some goat milk feta and sample a couple of cheeses made by Goat Rodeo in Allison Park.

Many of the Citiparks markets are open the rest of the week and based on my experience in East Liberty, you won't be disappointed if you visit! Check out their schedule here. Tuesday, South Side! Friday, Downtown and North Side! Other markets will open in June. And, on Thursday, the Market Square Farmers Market will open.

Please leave comments about any farmers markets you frequent!

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