Thursday, May 5, 2016

Plant and Seedling Sales

If you are like me, than you do not grow your own produce from seeds and you did not plant any seeds yet. It is not too late to grow your own! But, you should probably act soon as some good opportunities are coming up.

Coming up tomorrow! May Market at Phipps! It used to be in Mellon Park, but it looks like it is now at the Conservatory in Oakland. Hours are 9:30-7:00 on Friday, May 6, and 9:30-5:00 on Saturday, May 7. You will be able to purchase herbs and vegetable seedlings, plants, perennials, soil, succulents, etc. There are sooo many vendors who will be there! What a great way to eat local. Plants some seedlings in your yard, on your deck, in a window box, on your front step, etc. Of course, the traditional strawberries will be served. Probably from somewhere else -- California? Phipps advises that some vendors will only accept cash.

Grow Pittsburgh, which grows seedlings at the Frick, Pittsburgh, will be present at May Market. If you can't make it to May Market, their seedlings are available at the Frick through June.

Also, coming up this weekend, Gardenfest at Laurie Ann West Community Center. The Fox Chapel Garden Club, Guyasuta Garden Club, Penn State Master Gardeners, etc, will be on site, selling their own home-grown plants. These are plants that have fared well under the green thumbs of local backyard gardeners. What better way to get plants that might work in your yard?

Alchemilla Mollis, Lady's Mantle


Someone from the Fox Chapel Garden Club gave me a list of perennials and shrubs that may work in my yard that is overrun with deer, rabbits, groundhogs, turkeys, etc. I don't think you can eat any of it, at least I don't plan too, but I just thought I'd include the information here in case anyone is curious. All of these will probably be for sale at the local markets as they fare well here, are often pollinators, and are not usually eaten by deer. The surrounding pictures were her recommendations for perennials. She also recommended Spirea and Spirea Japonica for shrubs. I can attest that the grasses and Spirea Japonica do not get eaten by the deer. I have both flourishing in my yard. I am hoping to be able to purchase the rest at the garden sale. I was told there would definitely be iris plants there. I look forward to being able to have some flowers!

If you are interested in other places to get seedlings, especially for vegetables and herbs, then you probably should check out Garden Dreams, in Wilkinsburg. Their seedlings are also sold at the East End Food Coop and Whole Foods if you can't get to the farm. It is worth the trip to the farm, though.  It's not far at all if you are in Pittsburgh. They have many plants available right now! They also have fruit trees and flowers and more. They have so many varieties as well. I know that a lot of our local farm markets sell seedlings as well. I have used Garden Dreams seedlings for the most part. I stick to growing herbs and lettuce (from seed) in planters up high on my porch because they have been the most successful for me. It is so great to be able to pop outside, pick some herbs or lettuce and add them right to whatever food you are eating or cooking. 

If you have a favorite place to get seeds or seedlings, especially if it is not by mail order, please share it in the comments. 

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